Phonecalls Cancel

Cancelling Your Phone Contract Business Telecoms in the UK is a highly competitive market, and with so many phone system and phone services providers to choose from, you can spend a great deal of time comparing proposals, deals and quotations, only to find that your telecoms costs are already as low as they can be.

If you have managed to secure a genuine better deal, or for some reason the time is right to change telecoms provider, we will be happy to assist with your transition to your new telecoms company and we will not prevent your move in any way.

The process of moving is very simple:

  1. Contact our Customer Relations department, by telephone, email or by completing our online contact form.
  2. We are keen to retain your business, and we offer a completely unbiased comparison service. Send us your proposal and we will check to make sure whether the “small print” works in your favour with a new provider.