Our expertise to deliver your objectives

We understand the constraints and requirements that Public Sector organisations are placed under and therefore are able to work to the specific requirements of the sector and provide our expertise to together deliver on their objectives..

SCG Corporate is proud to supply the Public Sector as a key supplier of the Crown Commercial Services, Crescent Purchasing Consortium(CPC) and G Cloud 13.


SCG Corporate is a named approved provider of: data access, local connectivity, Mobile and Unified Communications the Crown Commercial Services, Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) and G Cloud 13 Frameworks. This means that we can continue to offer high quality managed services to as many public sector organisations as possible.

Some of the Frameworks we are an approved supplier for are:

Crown Commercial Services RM6116 Network Services 3

Lot 1a                                    Inter Site Connectivity (Wider Area Network) / Data Access Services

Lot 2a                                    Inter Site Connectivity (Local Area Network) / Local Connectivity Services

Lot 4b                                   Digital Communication Services (Unified Communications)

Crown Commercial Services RM1557 G Cloud 13

Lot 1 Cloud Hosting                                         (Managed Firewall)

Lot 2 Cloud Software                                       (Evonex, Teams Voice, Mobile Device Management)

Crown Commercial Services RM6261 Mobile Voice and Data Services

Lot 2 Mobile Voice and Data Solutions

Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) – Communications Solutions Framework CPC /DU/TELE/02

Lot 1 Unified Communications & Telephony

Lot 4 Mobile Communications

Whatever your business needs, SCG Corporate has the experience and know-how to help optimise the ways in which you communicate so that you can achieve greater heights of efficiency and productivity.