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Experts in delivering Mobile Solutions

SCG are experts in delivering Mobile Solutions and integrate solutions across networks and suppliers. SCG’s mobile device Management solution is offered fully managed or license only and can support the design, deployment and ongoing management.

SCG believes that the chosen solution should fit the requirements rather than offering a single solution regardless of the requirements. Therefore, SCG can supply various MDM solutions;

  • Samsung Knox Manage (incl. IOS)
  • Microsoft InTune
  • SOTI
  • MaaS360

Fully Managed MDM Service

SCG can offer a fully managed service including the design and setup of the MDM platform and policies, supported deployment to users and the ongoing management of the solution and support for users.

The fully managed solution offered includes:

  • Scoping – defining the mobile policies, apps and security to be deployed across devices.
  • Build – build the environment and profiles that will be deployed across users
  • Licensing – purchase of MDM Licenses and assigned to relevant users.
  • Implementation – Application of relevant user profiles to users and setting up of user accounts.
  • Deployment – deployment across user devices including rollout across new and existing devices.
  • Support – Support of service during contract including profile changes, deployment of updates setup of new users and ceasing leavers.
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