Enterprise Benefit 

Once the design is approved we can mobilise our resources to expedite and realise the business outcomes and benefits to our customers.  This benefit means that the risks to our customers are reduced and we are able to minimise the time between the point of investment to maximising the business value from technology. 

Proven Track Record 

Being Network and vendor-agnostic, we are a provider of best-of-breed solutions, based on qualified expertise and global best practices we can provide proven technology-use cases and client references. By leveraging our strategic technology partners, we are able to provide access to resources that will not be readily available to most businesses. 

Seamless Deployment and Operational Transition 

As part of the deployment project, we ensure that your operational support teams and our design and delivery teams are engaged in the deployment project so that we can deliver the necessary training and handover over a period, in addition, we will be on-hand once live to support a bedding-in period. 

Both high and low-level designs will be available and updated throughout the project, in our experience this promotes successful, quality deployments, that can be delivered on time and on budget. 

Managed Service 

We are often also best placed to manage the business as usual, day-to-day operation of your solution.  Some customers want to use their in-house expertise to plan and manage future advancements in technology.  Our managed service offering and Support desk services can be used as buy-back-time for your skilled resources and focus on these key projects.