Email security

Protect your business data and reduce the chance of an attack with email and web content filtering protection

Why does business data need this extra protection?

Too many companies have been the victim of advanced ransomware, BEC and spear phishing attacks, with many not even aware they have been affected. This puts their business at unnecessary risk of further attacks and of unexpected costs associated with data breaches.

At SCG, we offer advanced email and web content filtering.

This protection goes further than that offered by your firewall and provides an additional level of security to your data and intellectual property.

These benefits include:

  • Discover threats before they attack with proactive security
  • Create set rules based on user behaviour
  • Control access to sensitive data
  • Encrypt your data with easy admin capabilities
  • Block and quarantine unwanted spam
  • Protect both on premise and mobile users

Our advanced process of content filtering

Content filtering from SCG comes complete with real time analysis which includes a composite scoring processes for predictive analysis and reporting for you to better understand user behaviours. Combining this information allows you to set rules accordingly.

Our team appreciates that no two working environments are the same and we take great care to understand your business.

We then tailor a solution to meet the needs of your individual environment, using a combination of industry leading products.

Email Security: What you need to know

Many large scale cyber attacks originate from emails using advanced and coordinated attacks.

These multistage threats blend web and email elements, creating a preset “kill chain of opportunities” before the breach occurs.

Our solutions:

  • Control access to sensitive email attachments on vulnerable unmanaged devices (BYOD, or bring your own device) while permitting full access to secure managed devices
  • Enable secure delivery of email communications with email encryption that eliminates the traditional barriers of cost and complexity by offering easy administration, without key management or additional hardware
  • Identify explicit images; proactively monitor, educate, and enforce a company email policy for explicit or pornographic image attachments
  • Spam and phishing protection; detect unwanted spam and unsafe phishing emails, allowing customers to block, quarantine, or take other actions
  • Educate users; unique phishing education with feedback capabilities educates employees as they make mistakes, helping them to better learn and understand safe email best practices

Web Security: What you need to know

Traditional security solutions no longer provide sufficient protection for websites and can put your business at risk of data loss and litigation. Companies need customised solutions that communicate together to protect against threats as they happen.

Our solutions:

  • Real-time protection against advanced threats and data theft with multiple deployment options and modules that we can be tailored to protect your business
  • Robust protection through content aware defences, cloud app discovery and monitoring, reducing risks to sensitive data for both on premise and mobile users
  • Potential risk monitoring and analysis in real time of content, active scripts, weblinks, contextual profiles and executables
  • A sandboxing environment that provides a safe place, away from the network, for suspicious content to be further investigated
  • For single, consistent security controls that can protect against inbound and outbound threats with even the smallest of security teams, our web security easily integrates with our other solutions


Protect your company data and applications with a firewall that is fully managed and tailored to your business needs.

Remote Access

Secure Remote Access

Protect home and remote workers. Your business and business information no longer has a physical boundary.