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Safeguarding your organisation’s digital assets

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, safeguarding your organisation’s digital assets and sensitive information has never been more crucial. Cyber-threats continue to increase in complexity and frequency, targeting unsuspecting users through various online possibilities. To fortify your cyber security defences, it is essential to deploy a comprehensive solution that offers robust protection against malicious websites and online threats. This is where SCG’s dynamic content web filtering, comes into play.

SCG dynamic content web filtering

Web filtering is the first line of defence against web-based attacks. The increased severity and risk associated with cyber-crime means proactive measures need to be taken. SCG’s Cloud content filtering platform provides the most effective and scalable solution. This stops attackers from penetrating your network right at the gateway, preventing cyber-attacks and the loss of sensitive data.

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An extra layer of protection

Our web-filtering is the base of our web threat management, as it scans and blocks URLs with malicious content. A dedicated filtering solution provides comprehensive filtering policy control for an extra layer of protection. This approach gives a better defence, while greatly mitigating the risk of web born threats.


Dynamic content categorisation

Unlike many web filtering products that rely solely on static lists, SCG’s Cloud solution employs dynamic content categorisation. Our categorisation engines meticulously analyse words and images from all new URLs, categorising them accordingly. With thousands of users, we handle millions of web requests per hour. These new URLs are constantly evaluated by our cloud-based categorisation engine, seamlessly integrating them into our platform. This means that even previously unknown threats are detected and blocked promptly, ensuring our customers receive the most up-to-date protection.