Software Defined Networking 

Our managed and SD WAN solutions utilising best-of-breed technology allow you to enjoy secure connectivity, improved resilience and flexible traffic management with knowledge and control of how your networks are being used, by whom and when. 

Connect your premises and provide internet breakout for your users with centrally controlled security policies and management with an SD WAN.

Managed LAN & Wireless 

Extend your secure WAN throughout your corporate network infrastructure. A good network relies as much on the configuration of your LAN as it does on the connection from the internet. Having the right infrastructure and WiFi solutions in place will improve the overall performance. We are able to advise you on solution design in order to meet your business needs. 

Cloud Connect

Managed WAN 

SCG can provide a full design, consultation, installation, management and support service for Private Wide Area Networks. Connecting directly to our core network our fully managed solutions free you up to concentrate on adding value to your business. 

Business Internet 

From single ADSL broadband through to 100Mbps and Gigabit, we deliver fully managed internet access services with the necessary SLAs to meet your business’ demands, with built-in resilience for your business. Managed through our core network we actively monitor connectivity and failover routing to ensure the highest quality. 

Network and Data

Cellular Access 

GSM Data Connections offer high-quality connectivity for businesses in remote areas, brownfield sites, rapid deployment or as a secure failover, in the event of any deterioration of primary carrier services, keeping your critical applications up and running. 

From standard broadband, through ethernet, GSM mobile connectivity and office cabling, we’ve got you covered. Our services ensure secure, high quality, prioritised delivery of voice and data with the highest level of service across your LAN, WAN and Internet breakout. Our network connection tool gives direct access to the best prices and best networks for voice and data, so you don’t need to shop around.