Private APN

Mobile Operators public APN

APN (Access Point Name) is the name given to the gateway within a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) that provides the ability for a device containing a SIM card to access an IP network such as the internet.  The vast majority of SIMs available on the market will access the internet via the Mobile Operators public APN.

For some customers and solutions, a Public APN isn’t appropriate because it would affect the integrity of a solution, add additional complexity or add additional cost. In this situation, SCG provide a Private APN. It is compatible with all MultiNet, Three, EE and eSIM tariffs.

Key Benefits

  • Cost Effective – with minimal setup costs and no difference in monthly SIM rental. Normally a public IP is required to access a mobile device remotely but this opens the SIM up to the public internet. Using a Private APN it is not possible for hackers to access the device via the internet
  • Rapid Deployment – setup and in service within 2-3 working days and all SIMs would effectively be an extension of your existing IT network.
  • Flexible – multiple private APN configurations are available and internet breakout can be provided to apply internet policies.
  • Secure – configuration can create a private network with no access to public internet and Cloudflare DDoS protection used. This added security makes it great for those applications which need a secure network such as CCTV, cash terminals, tracking devices, traffic management etc.
  • Reliable and Global reach – devices would be on your private network at all times both in the UK and outside, but remaining an extension of the business IT network.
Flexible IOT benefits