Mobile Hardware

SCG provides hardware from all major Smartphone manufacturers and is able to supply Tablets, Handsets and other Mobile Hardware requirements. Using only UK-approved distributors SCG are able to supply, distribute and deploy a range of hardware options, supported by our highly skilled and experienced mobile projects team.

Hardware comes with up to a 3 year warranty depending on the device and Service Plans purchased. We are also able to offer extended warranties to extend the lifecycle of any device we supply.

In addition to hardware, a full range of accessories are available.

SCG is committed to sustainable mobile solutions and as part of this commitment, SCG offers and supports recycled devices, trade-ins and repair of existing devices.

Mobile Deployment Solutions

For larger Enterprise deployments and to support a seamless transition of your estate we also provide Mobile Deployment Solutions and Mobile Device Management SCG offers a variety of deployment solutions to customers such as Remote Deployment Solutions to include but not limited to:

  • Apple Business Manager
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment
  • Google Zero Touch

This enables the simplified rollout of devices and MDM to those users without the need for devices to be set up by local resources.

In addition, SCG offers hardware staging to include but is not limited to the addition of SIMs and accessories, data wiping of SIMs and sending with/applying accessories.