Funeral directors keeping staff and offices connected

About William Purves

William Purves is a fifth-generation family owned and run business, serving families with commitment and care to ensure that every funeral is unique and special. Based in Edinburgh, they also have additional offices in the North and Northeast of Scotland, and Northeast England. 

The Challenges

Before coming on board with SCG, the biggest challenge William Purves faced was managing the disjointed nature of their communications accounts across multiple sites. They were using different suppliers for landlines, broadband and mobiles, with multiple account managers and bills. Even individual phonelines had different account names and billing details. With the business expanding rapidly, this challenge was only getting worse. 

“Since signing up with SCG, about 15 years ago we’ve been really delighted by the level of service we’ve had, particularly when things go wrong. One of the things we’ve appreciated is that we’ve had the same account manager for many years. Kyle has been an account manager for about 10 years which has been great for us – allowing us to pick up the phone and speak to him. He knows our business and understands what’s important to us, he also understands that it is not about price, it’s about the level of service which is really important.”

The SCG Solution

Almost all the company’s business comes in via telephone calls, so it’s critical that they are answered and dealt with accordingly. SCG offered a VoIP solution, providing William Purves with far more flexibility, reducing downtime and improving the client experience. 

There is now no longer a reliance on a particular branch or person; if an individual office is closed, calls can be diverted as required. Out-of-hours service has also been improved, now using a company-wide solution to ensure calls are answered rather than an ad hoc system. 

The Benefits

Since moving to SCG, the biggest benefit for William Purves has been the ability to unify billing across the whole company. Furthermore, they have joined everything together to improve the overall connectivity between offices. 

William Purves has been doing business with SCG for around 15 years, and dealing with the same SCG account manager for at least 10. This has been a huge benefit, enabling us to understand the business and what is important to them.