Hosted telephony and PBX are two different telecom systems that allow your business to access top of the range phone systems.

The difference between hosted and on-premise system

While hosted telephony systems are housed in the cloud, traditional on-premise systems are housed in your office. They have a higher upfront cost and provide dedicated lines for your business with no external traffic.

Once installed and on-premise, the system can be fully controlled onsite by an IT manager and as a company you fully own the equipment. This can lead to reduced costs over time.

PBX (Onsite)Hosted
Capex expenditure (upfront)Opex expenditure (not upfront)
Ongoing maintenance and support contract requiredMaintenance included in licence fee
Training providedTraining provided
100% control to add, edit and delete usersNumber of users not limited by hardware
Reduced costs over time as server is ownedCancellation fees may occur

NEC systems are supplied as on-premise solutions

NEC telecoms operate as on-premise systems with all the benefits of the advanced features of hosted telephony.

Investing in an NEC phone system gives you incredible flexibility, functionality and control as it’s hosted in your office. We recommend larger businesses have someone onsite to work on the system day to day and carry out maintenance.

The level of capability of the hardware is impressive and equal to hosted. In particular the NEC UNIVERGE 3C offers a wide range of features including:

  • Be contactable across multiple devices
  • Mobile functionality
  • Instant messaging (IM)
  • Operator status
  • Meeting status
  • Phonebook access
  • Call logging
  • Call waiting
  • Voicemail

Enquire today about the best NEC system for your business and communication needs.