Hosted Telephony offers an incredible range of benefits compared to a PBX system with enhanced options for all of your voice and communication services.

The main benefits of hosted telephony include:


  • No upfront equipment purchase costs (Capex expenditure)
  • Free internal calls (across multiple sites)
  • No PBX maintenance costs
  • Ability to alter monthly plan (set price)
  • Transparent price per user

One of the biggest advantages of hosted telephony is that your business incurs no upfront costs for equipment as it’s delivered on an Opex expenditure system, rather than Capex. Generally, this better suits finance planning for small, medium and large businesses.

Once installed, monthly payments are at a set rate and can be amended depending on your usage in the future. For example, if you reduce the number of handsets, you may be able to reduce your costs.

Further ongoing savings are achieved through having no PBX maintenance costs as your system is hosted in the cloud and not in your office, whilst all office to office calls across multiple sites are free of charge.

Functionality & Control

  • Enjoy high definition voice quality
  • Create virtual employees who can work at home (and appear as if in the office)
  • Easy to use web portal and dashboard
  • See the status of staff eg. on the phone, available
  • Record calls and assess productivity
  • Automated and ad-hoc performance reports

Hosted Telephony offers an unprecedented range of functionality that allows your business to thrive, all whilst projecting a professional brand experience with high definition voice quality.

Features include:

  • User statuses
  • Call logging
  • Call queuing
  • Call forwarding
  • Conference calls
  • Voicemail to email
  • Calling name retrieval
  • Call recording
  • Priority alert
  • Auto attendant and many more

All of these features are managed via an intuitive dashboard and staff can be fully trained on the handsets chosen to suit the requirements of your business.

With better-recorded data, statistics logged by the system can be reviewed to provide productivity insight. This includes automated and ad-hoc reports on ring group statistics, agent logins, extension statistics and call costs, sent directly to your inbox. Analysis of such data can lead to improvements in staff performance within months.


  • Simple relocation process
  • Add further UK phone numbers at any time
  • Add new users and services in real-time
  • Add handsets and increase bandwidth as required

Your hosted telephony system is not fixed and can easily be scaled depending on your usage and growth as a company. These means new staff can easily be added and your bandwidth can be upgraded to cope with increased users and incoming calls.

Should your business relocate, you won’t have to manage the move of complex hardware as with a PBX system; as it’s all in the cloud it can simply be reprogrammed for your new site with no extra work or hassle for your team.

In short, there is no limit to the growth of your company from a voice and communications perspective once you are using hosted telephony; it is specifically bespoke and scalable to you.


  • 24/7 maintenance and support
  • Remote upgrades

The communications for your business are future proofed whilst hosted in the cloud and can be remotely upgraded at any time, in line with your business growth.

You’ll also benefit from the insight of a proactive 24/7 maintenance and support service which safeguards against downtime and disruption to your communications, both internal and external. This improves staff productivity and client relations, aiding client retention and brand perception, particularly in relation to customer services.