SCG are one of only three NEC Premier Partners in the UK and offer the best selection of NEC phone systems designed to improve productivity in the workplace.


The NE UNIVERGE 3C is an advanced system that has a complete set of Unified Communications features that work seamlessly across multiple devices and locations at all times, presenting staff and customers with an appealing continuity of communications.

It is one of the flagship systems of NEC that highlights how years of development have enhanced telecoms technology. The main benefit is the high level of flexibility, allowing your business to choose how it’s contacted at different times to maximize productivity.

This system is ideal for large, multi-site businesses and more information can be found here.

NEC SV9100

A reliable and effective system, the NEC SV9100 is one of the most popular solutions for businesses of all sizes. The stylish handsets help create a professional, productive environment for communications and offer a range of advanced software apps.

The system can cater from 10 to 800 users and has simple licensing options. For more information please download the official PDF brochure.

NEC SL1100

Intuitive and ideal for small businesses and start-ups, the NEC SL1100 is a system that’s designed for ease of use with a range of features to improve productivity across whole teams

Additionally, the system is energy efficient which reduces carbon emissions and keeps operating costs low.

NEC SV8100

This system, although superseded by the SV9100, is still fully maintained and being used by many businesses across the globe who enjoy  a range of stylish handsets, advanced features and call centre functionality. Users are easily added as a business grows and the system is very reliable and efficient.

SCG installs and maintains all of these systems and provides ongoing support. If you would like more information on any of these systems, please  visit our phone systems page and get in touch with one of our advisors.


As one of only three UK suppliers to have the reputable NEC PREMIER BUSINESS PARTNER status, we also maintain and repair older, legacy phone systems from NEC that your business may currently be operating. These include the NEC ASPIRE and the NEX XN120.

Providing support after their end of life, we will keep the systems working until the best solution is to install an upgrade for your communications and in this instance, will advise on the best replacements.