SIP trunks can be easily added and removed to cater for seasonal fluctuations. How many you need directly reflects your call requirements.

The number of SIP trunks you need will be assessed based on your current usage and will depend on the number of users you expect to have on the telephone at any one time. For example, if you are a business of 50 but only expect a maximum of half of the staff to be on the phone at any one time, you would require approximately 25 SIP trunks.

It’s also important to consider the types of users you have. Heavy, medium and light users will be on the phone for different amounts each day, perhaps some over three hours.

How do I know if I have enough SIP Trunks?

If you notice that employees are receiving busy signals when they pick up their handset to make a call and are unable to get an available line, it’s likely because you do not have enough SIP Trunks for your usage. Fortunately SIP trunks can be added quickly without any disruption to the business, based on available bandwidth.

Unfortunately, this may result in issues for customers and lead to complaints if they cannot reach you; particularly if you offer customer support. Such unreliable usage is a sign that you need to install more SIP trunks.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount?

There is no minimum and the maximum will only be restricted by the bandwidth available to you. Multiple connections and Ethernet circuits can be used to increase bandwidth.

You can easily transfer your existing telephone numbers to SIP Trunks, without loss of service. Contact our team for more information.