NEC phone systems are innovative and offer a huge range of customisable features for your business. As a highly reputable company, NEC offer world class customer service and support.

The main benefits of an NEC phone system include:


  • Upfront equipment purchase costs
  • Reduced costs over time as server is owned
  • Ongoing maintenance and support available

An important consideration for finance and IT managers is how budget it attributed and over time, a PBX system saves you money. The costs are upfront and you pay for the equipment and. From this point the IT manager on site will just have the connection costs to review.

This is a favourable solution if funds can be released for a modern telecoms system as ongoing costs are limited. As you will be able to freely add users and adjust your bandwidth to your needs, the value comes back to you in control, productivity, and practicality.


  • All training is provided for NEC systems
  • Access to expert, on-going support
  • An assigned account manager
  • Online helpdesk

Once you have decided to install an NEC phone system, your IT manager and other members of their team will be given comprehensive training in the hardware and software. This will include how to maintain the equipment, how to make use of its full functionality and how to use NEC’s customer support system should you require it in the future.

Such training is essential and allows employees to use the system with confidence from the initial set-up, limiting any disruption to the business.


  • Keep the same number across multiple locations
  • Stay with your current carrier
  • Add, edit and delete users as necessary
  • Control your bandwidth to suit usage

As your phone system will be stored in your business property, your team has full and flexible access to make updates 24/7, which includes changing user details and adding users at any time. This is particularly useful when new staff members join the company or when roles change within a corporate structure.

As the system also allows your business to use virtual numbering, as well as geographic numbers, you have the option to use the same number across multiple locations, your customers will retain the correct contact information and advertisements, business cards and online presences will not have to be updated. In itself, this is an appealing cost saving.


  • Possible to relocate
  • Add further UK phone numbers at any time
  • Add new users and services in real-time
  • Add handsets and increase bandwidth as required

Using SIPS over you control the bandwidth and can ensure it works at all times to meet the demands on the system. As certain peak times, the bandwidth may be increased and then decreased when there are less calls. This level of scalability means you heavily reduce call waiting and call to voicemail for your clients and customers.

The equipment can also be moved should you relocate to larger offices to match your company growth. It’s recommended you avoid moving the set-up at peak hours.


  • An NEC phone system is a sign of quality
  • With millions of users it can be counted on to deliver
  • Technology based on decades of development

NEC has over 100 years experience in developing phone systems and base their products on decades of research and knowledge in the field. The modern systems available today have many predecessors that have shaped them into highly functional and user friendly devices with mobile features.

With this emphasis on inventing better systems, it’s a brand you can trust and who will work with and for you as you make use of the right phone system from their range. The customer support service is second to none and will help you meet the full potential of the system to benefit your company.