SIP Trunking offers a wide range of benefits and bespoke features that can be tailored to maximise the benefits to your business. SCG can advise on every aspect once you have chosen to update and we offer a range of packages with discounts.

The main benefits of SIP include:


  • Initial installation and setup costs per line
  • Affordable monthly rental costs lower than ISDN
  • Free internal calls
  • Fantastic return on investment

SIP Trunking offers access to a secure and reliable dedicated network. Once installation costs have been paid upfront, monthly rental is affordable and cheaper than traditional ISDN lines, with free internal calls available. Read our SIP Trunks vs. ISDN guide for more information.

SIP lines can be increased and reduced, which will most likely occur due to seasonal trends in your industry, ensuring you only ever pay for what you need. Ongoing support can be offered by your telecoms provider so that productivity is maximised and you have a strong return on investment.


  • High definition voice quality
  • Number of lines based on users
  • Secure connection

As SIP trunks provide a direct line to a secure data network, you have access to high definition voice quality in a reliable and secure manner, allowing you to achieve your business objectives without disruption.


  • Ideal for office moves and relocation
  • Add further UK phone numbers at any time
  • Add or remove channels as required

SIP allows for bandwidth to be increased to ensure the demands you put on the system can be met with a high performance response, which benefits your staff and clients. Bandwidth can be increased and decreased as required and you can scale based on seasonal peaks.

Such scalability reduces the need to send users to call waiting and voicemail, meaning you can provide the best customer service possible even when you’re relocating. At times of growth, new SIP trunks can be added to maintain your level of performance.

Future proofing

  • ISDN lines will be switched-off in 2027
  • SIP is the natural alternative

SIP Trunking is the best option to access telephony and will future proof your communications for three reasons; you can add and remove lines depending on usage and business growth, the software can be remotely updated, and traditional ISDN lines will be switched off by BT in 2027.

Before this switch-off, it is recommended all businesses update their communications to avoid disruption.