Business ADSL broadband is a cost effective way to attain a high speed connection to the internet to complete daily office tasks and communications. It is ideal for businesses who have minimal reliance of the internet.

The main benefits of ADSL broadband include:


  • Affordable setup costs
  • A low monthly rental fee
  • Low/no maintenance costs
  • No costs based on usage

ADSL technology is very well established and has been around for many years. As it is ‘always on’ for an agreed monthly fee, you can access the internet at any time and in the manner you require, without having to worry about additional fees. This is even more beneficial when compared to dial-up internet where you pay for your time spent online.

At SCG we also offer unlimited usage of ADSL broadband making it incredibly easy for you to budget and avoid extra usage costs if you use more one month than the next.


  • High-quality, reliable broadband connection
  • Internet access at the same time as making phone calls
  • Faster data transmission through a single connection
  • Connect to internet-enabled devices

Downloading from the internet is much faster with ADSL than with dial-up internet and makes communications much more efficient as you can also make calls at the same time. You also don’t have to keep connecting and disconnecting to the internet every time you switch from browsing online to making a call.

IT accessories such as web cameras and smartphones can also be connected, which makes video conferencing possible.