Openreach will install two boxes, one inside the property and one outside of the property. In order to connect these boxes, a small hole will need to be drilled through the external wall.

If a ladder is required during installation, the engineer may need to attach it to temporary fixtures that will need to be drilled into the exterior wall – please be assured, that they will fill the holes and leave the area neat and tidy.

If the FTTP service is being installed in a rented property, you may need to seek the landlord’s permission for the holes to be drilled.

The engineer should have you up and running within 3 hours of arrival. Please be available for the duration of the timeslot provided to allow enough time for the installation.

In some cases, the engineer will complete the external work separately from the internal work. In this instance, you will not need to be at the property but must ensure the engineer has the necessary external access.

If there are any building works, scaffolding or improvements taking place that could get in the way during installation, we advise that the appointment is rescheduled until these obstructions have been removed.