What are the maximum speeds for FTTC?

FTTC is superfast broadband.

Speeds ultimately depend on how many users you have and you can have unlimited usage packages, you can expect speeds up to 80Mbps for downloads and up to 20Mbps for uploads.

This is significantly faster than traditional ADSL broadband. However, if you require faster speeds, or speeds which don’t slow down based on usage, please see our Ethernet solutions.

What distances will you be able to use FTTC?

The distance to the cabinet alters the speed – the further away, the slower the connection.

The important metric for distance is the distance from your premises to the nearest cabinet.

The distance of the fibre cabinet to your property is an important consideration when looking to install FTTC. The closer you are to the cabinet, generally, the better the speeds you will be able to receive.

Once you get in touch, we can advise on the distance to your nearest cabinet and estimate the speeds you will achieve from this connection.